Humble in Triumph, Composed in Defeat

As I mentioned in an earlier post, part of my summer internship was a project that I worked with six other Tommy Hilfiger interns on, that would be presented in a competition for some of PVH’s highest level management.

Our project topic was enhancing the Tommy Hilfiger Brand on Amazon.

This project has now gone on for eight weeks and has given me the chance to learn about not only the company, but myself in the process. When we started we had to gather all the relevant knowledge and get an idea of the current state of the business we were doing on Amazon. This required meeting with people and doing tons of outside research.

Then, we got to sit down with senior level management and pitch our ideas more to gauge if we were going in the right direction. Since, we have worked tirelessly and last week we got to present in front of Senior Vice Presidents across various PVH divisions.

I was nervous. We all were. I am typically comfortable public speaking, but to present a topic to judges that are more informed than I am on the subject is daunting. However, we were adequately prepared and succeeded. The praise we received was overwhelming.

Later we got the email that we were onto the next round.

Fast forward a week to Thursday, round two. Only four teams left now, competing for two spots to present in front of the CEOs. The judges this time around were Executive Vice Presidents, all in charge of their divisions.

Once again we delivered flawlessly and received a ton of praise. We handled the Q&A portion very well and after watching the other teams present I assumed we were making it to the finals.

Later that afternoon, we got the email. We didn’t make it.

Crushing. We worked so hard, but so much time, research and effort into it. To fall short a round early. It honestly really irked me, just because one of the teams that made it had no place even being there in round two. For whatever reason, the judges gave them the edge and put them through.

Defeat is a tough pill to swallow. Always was for me on the sports field, and apparently still is in the business world. However, there is no room for sore losers in business, as I type away trying to confide my sourness in this blog. Like it or not I can’t complain about the obvious unfair, misguided outcome. Guess that’s just life.

Either way, another lesson life learned at my summer internship.


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