Finding My Path #10

My experience at Colliers has helped show me what fields I definitely would and wouldn’t be interested in. I am currently doing corporate finance and I have learned a lot about what a career in corporate finance would entail. The financial planning roles of corporate finance are very appealing to me, however there are also some more accounting-esque roles that are less so. I have also had the opportunity to talk with my boss and other co-workers about their paths, which has been helpful in showing me what I should be doing in preparation for my career and the upcoming recruiting season.

This experience has also motivated me want to travel and explore more. Don’t get me wrong, I have always loved traveling but having lived and worked in such an amazing country has made that passion even stronger. Working in another country hadn’t been something I put much thought to but if the right opportunity presents itself, I would definitely consider it. This experience has affected me in countless positive ways, from creating exercise routines to helping me decide my career goals. I can definitely say that this whole experience has been incredible for my personal growth and it is going to be hard to leave.


Cameron W.

Sydney, Australia



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