Blog Post 4 – Changing Perspectives

After interning for several weeks at a Venture Capital firm, I definitely gained a new perspective on what being an entrepreneur entails. In essence, an entrepreneur must wear several different hats in order to successfully start and maintain a business. After having the opportunity to observe my boss throughout this summer, I have realized that entrepreneurs have a lot more responsibilities than I previously envisioned. This experience definitely broadened my perspective and greatly increased my insight on the many different responsibilities an entrepreneur is accountable for. I can definitely say that I am a lot more interested in being an entrepreneur now than I was at the beginning of the internship.

One quality I especially noticed to be common amongst entrepreneurs is work ethic. My boss constantly stressed the importance of working hard in order to be a successful entrepreneur. It is important for an entrepreneur to be willing to go above and beyond the norm. We must be immensely passionate about our project in order for us to execute it well. Entrepreneurs must be ready to complete everything from the small, tedious tasks, to the groundbreaking business projections. However, this is definitely a quality that inspires me – I admire and respect entrepreneurs for always staying motivated and focused. I aspire to continue to incorporate these qualities within my work and lifestyle as I enter the real world.


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