Blog Post #3: One Photo Defining My Internship

As part of the Center for Asian Americans United for Self-Empowerment (CAUSE) Leadership Academy, I have a whole myriad of pictures taken of me throughout my internship. When presented on the question of what photo defined my internship experience, I had to do a bit of soul-searching: what is the biggest, greatest thing that this internship has given me?  How is it captured in an image?

In the end, I chose this photo.  This was taken during my cohort’s trip to Sacramento, visiting the California capitol during Asian Pacific Islander American Capitol Internship Day, which was hosted by the Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus.  On the panel, we had the chance to hear from: Senator Carol Liu of the 25th Senate District;  Assemblymember David Chiu of 17th Assembly District; Anthony Lew, Consultant of Assembly Judiciary Committee; Bryan King Legislative Director for Senator Steve Glazer and many, many more.  My internship is composed with exposure and dialogue with people from all sides of the public policy process.  Throughout the internship, I had the chance to listen to people from all different fields, sectors and backgrounds.  My internship allowed me to explore the real world and how the theories we learn in class are put into practice.  This has been two months long of dialogue, of listening, and of enriching my understanding of public office and policy-making directly from people who work day to day in these fields.  In this picture, I sit on in the middle of the row in the picture, and like everyone else I had my notes out, taking down and absorbing all that I can and my curiosity preparing itself for more questions.  This is the photo with a message that defines my internship experience.



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