The City of Ann Arbor | #3

Ann Arbor, Michigan is the place I called hoMe the entire school year. I thought that I knew everything there was to know about this place, but as an intern here I have gained a completely different perspective on the city of Ann Arbor. I went from seeing the streets flooded with students wearing heavy backpacks and jackets to the streets becoming emptier and emptier as the summer continued. Being in Ann Arbor this spring and summer, I have gained a new experience and love for a place I thought I already knew so well.

I have traveled to offices/buildings I have never even been near throughout the school year and attended events that I didn’t even know existed! I watched the streets become blocked off for the Ann Arbor Summer Festival & of course, the Art Fair! I’ve now seen Ann Arbor in a more holistic way through these artistic and truly exciting events.  I appreciate the campus and all of it’s beauty as the flowers have bloomed and the ground is clear of leaves or snowfall.

I’ve met people who, like me, are experiencing Ann Arbor in the spring/summer for the first time and completely agree that it is entirely different than usual. I’ve also met students from out of state and around the world who, like me, are doing an internship here and we’ve all learned that Ann Arbor truly has something for everyone! It definitely caters to all interests and is a great place to be an intern.

I thought completing an internship in the same place I go to school at would limit or bore me, but I’ve found that I’ve learned so much more about this city and about my place in it. I’ve learned that Ann Arbor has so many things to offer that I merely overlooked before because it was all overshadowed by the craziness of Ann Arbor in the fall/winter. However, fall..winter..spring..summer, I love the city of Ann Arbor- just for different reasons!


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