Open Space | Blog #3


Here’s a picture of Josh, a fellow intern, and I at work in GLG’s new office space.We’re working in one of the activity-based work spaces included in our new office. In the background is our resident coffee barista chatting  with a fellow GLGer.

This picture describes my internship experience since it portrays GLG’s emphasis on collaboration, the firm’s ongoing evolution, and the firm’s belief in creating great working conditions for its employees. Collaboration is important within GLG. Although, people are separated into separate work teams, individuals within these teams, with the common goal of fostering professional learning in mind, come together to present innovative and creative ideas.  GLG’s evolution is represented here as well. GLG has transformed itself immensely in the past decade; from moving into this new office only a few weeks ago to creating more specialized roles for each employee. There’re also perks to working in GLG’s office that make it easier for employees to put their best foot forward. The on-site barista eliminates both the need to walk and spend a good amount of money on a cup of quality coffee. Also, Free lunches and the occasional free dinner allows me save more of my paycheck. So far it’s been a pleasure working in this office and I’m going to miss it when I go back to Michigan.


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