Loving this Job

I can honestly say that I will miss this job at MI PIRG in a few weeks. The biggest thing I will miss are the people who both intern and canvass.

To say that you have to be a little left of center, with thick skin, to canvass Southwest Michigan for 8-10 hours a day, 5-6 days a week, and thrive, in now 100 degree days, is a tribute to a person’s character. A lot of people can’t make it, due to health and other personal concerns.  Did I mention the diversity of educational backgrounds?

Today I will discuss 2 kickazz people in the field: Field Director Dan Boynton, and Deanna Bumphus.

Dan comes from East Grand Rapids, Mi. with a degree in Philosophy and Communications from Eastern Michigan. During his 5 years at Eastern, he helped take the EMU  Ultimate Frisbee  Team from 289th place in the country, to 17th.  He currently competes with the local team DREAMKILLAS. While he is relocating his talents with U. S. PIRG to Seattle, Wa in August, I wouldn’t be surprised to eventually see him eventually 20160727_124436directing a non-profit venture that incorporates athletics into a program to help at risk youth. Helluva talent.

Deanna Bumphus, who finished as the top Canvasser (winner of our Canvasser Olympics) for the Ann Arbor field office, is a native Detroiter who recently graduated from EMU with a BS in Anthropology (a walking Wikipedia on the subject) , along with a minor in Political Science. Her goals are to work for a year before pursuing her Masters Degree in Anthro at U of M.  Having been a part of the Undergraduate Symposium and the Korean Association during her 4 years at EMU, along with doing an internship in South Korea, Deanna’s life goal is to focus on Human Rights Violations with indigenous people while working with the United Nations. The thing I valued most from meeting her was her wide ranging knowledge of anthropological topics, which I chose to discuss with her.


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