In the Spotlight | Blog #5

Wednesday, July 13th, was probably one of the best days of my internship. It’s been a little over two weeks and I’m still not doing hearing, or thinking about it. It started off a little earlier than usual, and a little more formal as well. I presented an SBAR, a report on a current situation that gives background, an assessment, as well as a recommendation on the next course of action. Until that point, the topic of the SBAR had been the main focus of my work. So, pretty nerve-wracking considering that the presentation was to two project manager, a director, and the senior Vice President I’m working under. Fortunately, it went well and my SBAR was approved, allowing me to continue my work. I’m currently working on another SBAR, so fingers crossed that this next presentation goes well!

Later that day was our intern presentation. The 50 other interns and I were divided into 4 teams in the beginning of the summer that we would work with to give this presentation. It was different than the conventional presentation because not only did we present our work, we were also assigned a topic. Mine was Lead, designed for my team and I to show how Spectrum Health was leading the health care field. Due to hours of rehearsing our parts, my Team and I gave a phenomenal performance and fielded the subsequent questions well. Below is a picture of me fighting a racing heart and clammy hands as I got up in front of 300 people and gave one of my best speeches.



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