hello, hilltern here. | 4

Two months is a short period of time to move to a new city, get adjusted, and then return. In just two months though, I’ve seen almost all of what DC entails. Sure, everyone knows the monuments are great. Nothing can beat the museums either. But DC has so much more than that to offer. There’s Eastern Market, a great weekend spot to pick up fresh produce or hand crafted jewelry. Or Georgetown Waterfront, a quaint but beautiful backdrop for dinner. DC is so much more than what TV shows you. It’s a beautiful city. It’s ambitious and driven but it’s calm and serene.

I imagined DC to be tough. In my mind, the people were solely focused on work, rushing through life, rarely cracking a smile. To my surprise, this is inaccurate. Everyone is friendly, well mostly everyone. Anyone who’s from DC is friendly. Whether you’re in an elevator with strangers who wish you a great day or witness a young person give up their seat on the Metro for a mother and child. DC is human. It’s not as cold as one might think.

DC also has endless opportunities. It’s a city where you probably will change jobs 5+ times while you’re here. Since my time in the office, two people have left for other jobs. It’s constantly changing. House of Rep members serve two-year terms. If they’re not reelected, the entire office is out of a job. You always have to be prepared for situations like this to happen. Coming and going, coming and going. It’s not just politicians here either. There’s law firms, big businesses, tour industry, high end restaurants, DC has more than what comes to mind.

I want to return here ASAP. I’m hoping to be back in the Capitol during second semester through MIW but if not, then definitely next summer I will return. With the career path I want to take, being in DC just makes the most amount of sense. Not to mention I’ve fallen in love with the city. There’s still a lot I want to explore, a lot I want to learn, but in two months here, the city has felt like home.

I can’t wait to be back in DC again. For now, I’m enjoying my last two weeks here before returning to Michigan. This summer has taught me a lot about myself, my future, and life in general. One thing I know for sure, DC is a place I want to be.



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