#10 | Unexpected Love


With the end of summer quickly approaching the time has come for college students going into their senior year to start planning, or at least thinking seriously about what they will do following graduation. Whether it be entering grad school, moving to a different city, or even doing something random and unexpected, for many it is both an unnerving and exciting time period. For me, entering into my last year means that I have a world of possibilities at my disposal, so many possibilities in fact, that it is actually quite terrifying and as if to add insult to injury my time living and working in São Paulo has made making these “real life future decisions” even more confusing for me than it already is.

Originally, (as of last semester) I was heavily considering the idea of moving to a country in either Southeast Asia or Central America after graduation to teach English or participate in a fellowship for one year. However, I have grown to love Brasil and São Paulo more than I could have ever imagined and come to value the more relaxed work culture and emphasis on friendly, personal relationships in the workplace. Additionally, I have found that despite my long time desire to work in the field of public health, marketing is an area that I truly enjoy and could see myself pursuing in the future.

It is impossible for me to know at this exact moment where I will be and what I will be doing at this time next year. However, these last few months have made me realize that I have many more options than I once thought, and maybe, just maybe I will come back to Brasil one day just to see what else this country has in store for me!



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