#1 First Day on the Job

Tuesday May 17,2016 was my first day as a Summer intern at Marathon Petroleum Corporation at the Detroit Refinery.

On my first day, we went through training and orientation. I was super excited that when I got there, I seen familiar faces. I also go to meet a fellow wolverine there during the ice breakers. That always makes the nerves drift away. I sat with my friends and caught up with them. Most of the people that were hired there had parents working at the corporation. To be quite frank, that was a bit intimidating as I had no kin working at this new place. However, I made some connections and sort of envisioned what this summer had in store for me.

Some of the people that worked there had been interning there for a couple of years now. So they sort of told me the ins and out of this place. The first day was just an information overload about safety and what our role would be this summer, but safety was the most emphasized.

The following day we went back to the training center for half a day and the other half of the day we went to our work location. FYI, I forgot to mention that I work from 7am to 4pm. I got to meet my supervisor who was really nice and I found out that I worked in the Environmental department. That day I met the whole team and was excited to be working with them this Summer.

My full day of work, at the office, was on Thursday. That day I think I worked on a bulletin but I don’t quite remember. I’ve started a list of all my assignments thus far that I hope I can share on here at the end of my internship.

I’m excited to make connections and work at this company for the remainder of the summer. I hope to gain valuable and applicable skills for future internships or careers.



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