My Future | #3

Being able to have this opportunity to intern for Branded Arts has taught me a lot about myself and about what I want to do for my future career. I have not only learned that I want to work in a field that allows me to meet and interact with new people, but also I would like to work in a field that allows me to be creative in some way whether that is engaging in the visual arts itself or even something such as creative marketing. I would also like to engage in a career that allows me to travel! This past week I was able to go to San Diego because Branded Arts was chosen to curate a mural painting of Wonder Woman! I realized that I really want to collaborate with other people in the workroom and that I want to be hands on with my job. Finally, I hope that I can be a part of something that is able to make a difference in some way. A difference that can span fromĀ sending a message or something more tangible like changing a space to make it beautiful and this is what we do at Branded Arts. We transform spaces all around the country with beautiful murals that not only can tell narratives but also send messages.13690873_1310235242339862_2302200072583250247_n.jpg


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