A Path of Influence | #5

Because my internship is soon ending, I’ve thought deeply over it’s impact to my future career and personal goals. The work that I’ve completed this summer has been highly stimulating mentally, and I want to share why this influences me.

Firstly, I have grown so much professionally by becoming a functional programmer. Haskell is a powerful language with many highly useful features, such as monads and typeclasses. The knowledge that I’ve gained by studying Haskell translates well to other functional languages, which is great because many functional languages are gaining popularity in the workforce (Scala, OCaml, etc.). If I had a choice, I would love to turn functional programming into a career simply because I enjoy it so much more than C/C++, Java, etc. However, the number of jobs in functional programming are significantly less than those in imperative programming, so the hunt may be tough.

I have been highly fortunate for all the guidance that I’ve received from Prof. Peikert this summer. With such work, I know that it’s necessary. I am not sure what my future jobs will be, but I know that there are plenty of options. Unfortunately, the research that I am completing now is unlikely to be related. Alas, I will not be heading to graduate school, and heavy security work is usually left to graduate students and PhDs. But I have enjoyed my time implementing these cryptographic applications and am happy to have had this unique experience. Perhaps security engineering will be in my future, somehow?

I’ve done great work this summer and have a little bit further to go. I’d like to end this post by saying thank you so much to everyone who supported me and especially to the LSA Internship program, without which this experience would not have been possible.


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