The Team | #1

As I started my first research position, which focused on cardiovascular studies, I was quite unaware of how intertwined different disciplines were within the experimental studies. Initially, I came in with the understanding that we as a group would all be working in the lab together, but I quickly picked up on this key misconception throughout my first couple of weeks with the team.

Our group is home to members of various disciplines who are all working together for a similar outcome. I would say about half of the individuals focus their work on making computer models through coding and computer science, while the other half of the individuals are needed for the experiments themselves, which use many biochemical concepts. Once the actual experimental data is collected in the lab, the data is passed on to the computer science guys to make models that replicate the experiments themselves. This allows researchers to extrapolate data in a timely manner without actually having to get their hands dirty in the lab. Although this may seem simple, it takes quite a long time to incorporate each model into a large and working system that is able to simulate the activity of the heart.

Through this exposure to what the research world is like, I have actually begun to contemplate incorporating a computer science minor within my studies. Becoming aware of what research in the 21st century is like, I have reassured myself that it has more to do than just one discipline. The Team, which incorporates a diverse collection of skills, is what leads us to the remarkable innovations that have taken us to where we are today in the world of healthcare, technology, etc.


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