Only the Best for the Fest | #4

I am now in my final week at the DSO. As my assignments start to dwindle, I am left with one exciting duty, editing video of performances for the orchestra’s website. The DSO is expanding their online catalog from more than just music, but also interviews  with guest conductors, soloists and even music scholars. It was really exciting to watch concert from this past season that I missed while I was away at school.

One exciting thing I came across was the orchestra’s annual festival. Every year in February, the DSO holds a festival centered around one specific composer and performs all of his pieces for orchestra. This year was Johannes Brahms, one of my favorite! Something I came across that I thought was really cool was the orchestra’s promotion videos for the #BrahmsFest. Along with each composer comes a mascot. That mascot is incorporate in the promo videos and festivities. Here’s a video of  3 cute little hedgehogs doing their part in helping conductor Maestro Slatkin put on a great show. Enjoy!    Sorry for the technical difficulties, but I see I can’t upload videos without spending money. Click the link in the screenshot to see the awesome video! The red hedgehogs were chosen for this year’s mascot because Brahm’s favorite pub and eatery in Vienna was Zum Rote Igel, translated as “The Red Hedgehog” I have learned so much about the DSO and its public relationship through this project. I’ve always admired the DSO for their innovation. The organization saw that in the winter months, there was a trend of low ticket sales. They responded with a great idea that would draw people to Orchestra Hall no matter the weather. I only wished I could’ve seen the festival live. DSO is truly an inspiring place and I am so happy I have this opportunity.


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