Nearly Done | #4

I’ve always dreamed about living in the city. This summer was the perfect opportunity for me to see if I have what it takes to make it in the Big Apple.

My favorite part of living in the city is the feeling of drive and competition. I love having a purpose or being on the go. It seems as though most New Yorkers have a similar drive. New York is the epitome of “work hard, play hard” and I love it. New Yorkers are honest, mind-your-own-business kind of people that chase what they want.

I’ll never get used to the odd smells, or the homeless people, or the aggressive panhandlers. I’ll always hate getting catcalled on my way down the block to CVS at 4pm. I’ll never appreciate air conditioning as much as I do after taking the subway when its 100 degrees and humid outside.

But I think I have what it takes to live in the city. Even being here for 10 weeks has made me mature and change. I’m so much more confident in myself than when I first arrived. I’m not afraid to be out past dark and I’m okay with going to a restaurant and eating by myself. I learned how to make a connection with a complete stranger and how to make one go away. The subways aren’t nearly as scary as I once thought and now I can get home from just about anywhere at any hour. And during rush hour, when I’m running late for work, stealing a cab from somebody in just a big of a rush is a skill worthy of my LinkedIn.

So what did I learn about New York? I learned the city is well used and well loved. That’s why it’s dirty and loud and lively. That’s what makes New York so unique. And would I like to return? Most definitely.



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