Most Surprising #2

The biggest surprise to me is that I am in the real word working, and not in school taking classes. I am accustomed to worrying about quizzes or tests where here, everything isn’t so trivial. This work is how you earn a living and the problems that you face have to be solved. Now being in a position where I can temporarily join the workforce is eye-opening and I can see first hand why it is so important to work hard during school.


Another surprise is the sheer amount of people, management, and organization needed to make all of the parts for a car and to piece the car together itself. The company I work for is in business by contracts with the big three to make certain parts needed such as the car’s seats. There must be constant communication with every level of that process, from the physical manufacturing to the audits that are completed on the finished products.
I am personally surprised that I enjoy learning about the complexities of consulting, management, and manufacturing in the auto industry.


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