Hong Kong|Week 1

How has your internship influenced your (near) future school, career, or personal plans?

As I entered my internship at the health clinic in Hong Kong, I thought I would mostly be doing organizational works and minimal stuff. I was welcomed by all the nurses and many of the doctors, an right away I felt right at home. Fortunately speaking Chinese was not too much of a challenge for me since both my parents were born in Hong Kong and always spoke to me in Chinese at home. It was challenging at first though to understand some of the medical terms in Chinese, but lucky some of the doctors knew some English and was always there to help me through out the day. The doctors at the clinic were extremely nice and always invited me out to lunch with them and they too were very interested in the American lifestyle.

However, during the first week, I learned much more than I ever expected. Not only was I able to experience and learn how Hong Kong’s health system greatly differs from that of America, but I was able to learn some Chinese medicine too. Therefore, I believe my internship so far has influenced my future career in that I hope I can incorporate the ideas and values of Chinese medicine in my future as a Western doctor.


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