Cultural Changes at Work|Blog #4

The time is flying by, and I cannot believe that I leave New York in two weeks. My work in the business development department at MeVee is becoming increasingly productive. I might also say that the work environment itself is changing as well. We are more relaxed, make time for conversation, and actually close as friends. In fact, I hang out with a lot of the interns that came into the company with me outside of work.

Considering that this is the first office job that I have ever held, I am not sure if this relaxing is common. I don’t think that our culture as a startup is the same as an investment bank, but as I have mentioned in previous blogs as well, simply becoming more comfortable with my own work is a great feeling, let alone a productive and increasing friendly culture. I’ve mentioned previously that our mornings begin with a “scrum” meeting, at which we all share with our CEO what we are doing, and whats’s been done. However, meetings with investors, using multiple office spaces, etc, has in many ways made the once formal and consistent structure take a back seat to going with the flow.

I think that some of my preconceived notions about my fellow interns have changed. Certain individuals whom I thought to be dull, have opened up. In addition, I once thought that some people did very little work, but I now have a serious appreciation for tedious work, even as simple as drafting emails for marketing purposes. I am becoming more confident in our company, and my own role within it. I used to ask my boss if everything was okay with my work both during and before I began a task, but now, I just work and do so with confidence. I continue to hear back from investors. I have been compiling the contact information for hundreds of celebrities as well, so we will see if that is a success as much as my work has been for helping to raise capital. I like how things have relaxed, but become more productive. I enjoy the trust we have earned from our superiors, and I really feel that I am a help.


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