Blog Post #1 – First Day

The first day of my internship was a hectic one for me. On May 1st of this spring I started my internship for Eastside Neurosurgery of St. John’s Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. My mentor, who’s name is Devon Hoover, since high school is the chief neurosurgeon of the department and he is who I would be shadowing on a daily basis. The first day was the most action packed and the most exciting. My day started by my alarm going off at 5 am so I could get ready. My attire for the day was a shirt and tie and a medical lab coat (the white coat that physicians wear) . I would usually arrive at the hospital at around 7am. I would meet my mentor in the neurosurgery wing of the hospital and depending on the day I would either go to the operating room for surgery or to the office to see patients for the day. On my first day I went to the operating room for a surgery on someones spine. It was a  fusion of a few levels of the spine, where we would make an incision based on the levels being fused. It was the first time in a while that I had seen a surgery of that caliber up close and it was really exciting!


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