Share a Story #3

Communication is very important in a professional world.

Last week, my supervisor was out for vacation. I usually sent my completed client monthly reports to her to check first, then sent to our clients. My supervisor asked me to send the reports to another team member who was in the other office in Michigan. Communication is very important in sending emails. Throughout this whole week’s email communications, I have both strengths and weaknesses that I need to improve next time.

I have several strengths in sending email communications. Firstly, I always copy my supervisor in the email that I send to my team member to check works. Because this way, I could let my supervisor get to know which reports I had completed and checked by when she came back. This could make her work easier. Secondly, there are some report instructions that my team member sometimes not know clearly. I will send the instructions from my supervisor to her, and include details. This way we could together get the reports checked more easily and more efficiently sent to our clients.

I also have some weaknesses that I should improve on. There is one client’s report need some revised formula involved in the original last month report. I have revised the formulas, and completed, then sent it to my team member. I have waited for two days, then I sent her a follow up email to see how she’s progress on. She replied that she asked her supervisor to check it, then her supervisor will get back to me. However, I have not received any emails regarding this report. Then, I waited until my supervisor came back. She checked it and pointed out that there is some communicational issues, but we always need to send the reports on time. I sent our clients’ the reports and apologized for the delay. Next time, I will follow up with the people who is checking my reports, thus we could get the reports to the clients as soon as possible.

I learned communication is very important, and a good communication could move things more efficiently in the workforce.


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