Internship Post #2

Surprise! I transitioned from the 38th State Senate District to the 39th State Senate District. I was at the monthly meeting for San Diego County Republicans and was introduced to one of the top Political Consultants in San Diego County by the Chief of Staff of my old post. The Chief of Staff of the 38th State Senate District is a fellow Wolverine so he thought I would be a great fit for a new, more advanced position. The next day, I find myself in an interview to become a Campaign Manager for one of the candidates in the 39th State Senate race here in California. In less than 24 hours, I changed districts and responsibilities. We were about a month out from the race and my candidate had no political experience. We were one of 3 Republicans in the race with 1 Democratic running as well. In California, they have a top two system so the top two candidates who receive the most votes, regardless or their party preference, move forward in the race. The ballot in which our voters would be voting on our race also happened to be California’s Presidential Primary. I knew that the contention between Bernie and Hillary would bring lots of Democrats to the polls. I scheduled lots of meetings with local Republican groups, manned booths at local events, gathered volunteers from local colleges, and gathered troops to knock on doors. With three weeks of hard work, we placed in the top two and moved on to the general election against the only democrat who ran. We won the second spot by approximately 25,000 votes. Our opponent is the current speaker of the California Assembly so hard work lies ahead.


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