Future Goals| #2

This summer I have been working as a Finance intern in the Product Development department at the Ford Motor Company. Before I started my internship I was very confused and overwhelmed as to what I wanted for my future. I constantly asked myself: “Did I want to go to grad school?”, “But what kind of grad school?”, “What type of job did I want?” There were too many options and I was lost, however, through the course of my internship I’ve started to learn more about the finance and automotive industry. This experience has helped guide me towards some decisions about my future.

First off, I have found out that I enjoy being part of a global company that produces consumer goods. I also hope to have a career in the finance industry, since though my internship I have been able to experience first hand of how many facets of finance there really are. Before my internship I thought that “finance” meant one thing, however, I’ve realized that there are many different specializations in finance. For example, here at Ford a few branches of finance include IT Finance, Product Development Finance, Manufacturing Finance etc. This experience has broadened my perspective and view of the finance industry and it really pushed me to think that this might be the field that I want a career in.

I’ve also been thinking of pursuing an MBA in the near future. I’ve learned that most of the senior analysts as well as all of the upper management in the company have received an MBA degree to get to where they are. I’ve also had the opportunity to have honest conversations with these individuals in which I asked about their experience with receiving their MBA. Most of the feedback I’ve received includes that fact that there is value in obtaining an MBA and that it was very helpful to their personal, as well as, professional development. They also helped me decide when to pursue an MBA degree; almost all of the individuals pursued their MBA while working a full-time job, and this actually helped them relate concepts learned in class to the real world. Thus, I would want to work full-time straight out of undergrad and then pursue an MBA a few years later.

All in all, my internship experience at Ford has really allowed me to set a clear plan for my future. I’ve been able to decide exactly what I want for myself personally and professionally and I am very thankful for this experience!


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