Enjoying and Breaking Repetition|Blog #2

In my time working for Red Wagon Entertainment, I’ve truly realized how much I want to be a part of the entertainment industry. Yes, I’ve wanted to make movies and TV shows ever since I saw Lord of the Rings on DVD, but it surprises me how much I enjoy immersing myself in entertainment and the process of creating what is eventually shown on screen, television, or laptop.

Every day at my internship often feels the same — start at 9:30, work on a project, get lunch at 1:00, continue the project (maybe complete it and get a new one), and finish at 6:30. Yet, every day I find myself looking forward to working at Red Wagon. I enjoy reading scripts — most aren’t that great, but there’s the hope you get the diamond in the rough. I also find myself fascinated by project research. Meanwhile, the office routine continues: people have meetings, make and answer phone calls, etc. Each day is similar, but it’s based around something I love and makes me want to continue to take part.

However, maybe the best thing is the break in the repetition, the moment a key deal or meeting happens and a project comes that much closer to being made. Unfortunately, I can’t talk in specifics about any of Red Wagon’s projects, but when one of these moments happens there’s an air of excitement in the office. It’s the feeling that all the cycles in repetition have led to this step forward in development. Through all the sameness comes a unique moment of exhilaration, something incomparable that I want to continue to experience.


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