#2: The city of Detroit

Hello all,

Last summer, I had the amazing opportunity to intern my native country of Albania. That experience cannot be beaten but I have encountered a new and slightly more challenging experience this summer. I am working as an intern for DTE Energy in their Distribution Operations Performance Center. Basically my role is that of a data analyst intern. I am involved in system outage audits, quality metrics & forecasting (how often outages are fixed on time), and query-based data collection utilizing different database software tools (Toad for Oracle, DBVisualizer, Microsoft Access). Although I know you must be dying to hear more about all that, I wanted this blog post to focus on the city I am working in.

Detroit is a city with a rich history but everyone usually has a negative perception of the city. This is warranted due to the overwhelming crime, abandoned buildings and huge job loss in the last 20(ish) years. However, Detroit is truly making a comeback. Efforts from successful businessmen such as Dan Gilbert have helped tremendously in revitalizing this once vibrant American city. The Motor City is known worldwide, sometimes for the wrong reasons but I am truly seeing the beauty behind it in my time here. Although I have always lived a 25 minute drive away from the city, I am not afraid to admit that I was turned away from visiting it for many years. Aside from a Tigers game or visit to the Detroit Zoo, I stayed far away from Detroit. Since DTE Energy is located in Detroit, I have no choice but to be in it now. However, it is more of a privilege to be working in the city than a burden. In my short time here, I have walked the streets and dined at many popular restaurants in Detroit such as Slow’s BBQ and Bucharest Grill, both of which were excellent. Detroit is a great city and the negative perceptions have tarnished its’ image, but I believe Detroit is destined to become a popular, job-rich American city once again.

I am very glad that I was able to work in this city, because it allowed me to see what I have been missing all this time. For those who live near Detroit or in the Metro Detroit area, I encourage you to visit and explore the city. It is safe but I would take caution and walk with friends when it is night time.

That’s all for now!

Andi Bello


One thought on “#2: The city of Detroit

  1. It’s great that you have come to Detroit and seen a different side of the city.However you are getting a very small view of what is actually going on in the city. I am from Detroit and am working in the city this summer as well. I think you should look at how Dan Gilbert (and other mega rich men) have made Detroit their playground with a lot of disregard for the citizens who actually live here. Look into who is actually benefiting from this “comeback” and “revitalization”. I also implore you to talk to people who have lived in the city all their lives and see how the M1 rail and Hockey town are affecting them. A lot of the time people dehumanize “revitalization” and don’t look at the actual impact it has on the people in those neighborhoods that need to be “revitalized”. I don’t know if you actually will, but before you pass judgement on an entire city, the people who live there, and their circumstances look deeper into the situation.


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