Diving In | 1

I am eager to begin my experience interning as a Content Creator for Musée Magazine. I have high expectations for the summer, as I know that it is a small publication powered almost completely by interns. While this means that my workload and responsibilities will be higher than the average intern, I will also get to partake in meaningful work and get hands-on experience writing for a magazine, rather than being relegated to menial task-work as many interns are within larger companies. I view this as an incredible opportunity to get a genuine sense of what the photographic and publishing fields are like, and whether or not they suit me as a career I would like to pursue.

However, these opportunities are also sure to come along with many obstacles, as I will be thrown into the deep end and hold a comparatively high-stakes position. Because the magazine is so small, I will be one of a tiny collection of critical cogs in the machine–meaning my performance will hold a lot of weight. Though this is foreseeably a high-pressure situation, I have no doubt that it will nevertheless be enjoyable and rewarding work.


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