Blog Post #3

What have you learned about the city in which you are working?  Would you like to return?

San Francisco, The City, The Golden City. But one name you never call it is San Fran… instant tourist give away.

A few things I’ve learned about this city:

  • Public Transportation is a MUST.
    • The city is so crowded with people are trying to get to and from work that having/ using a car is almost impossible… and don’t get me stated about parking. But because the city knows how hard having a car is, that is why there is such amazing public transportation available. The BART, CalTrain, busses, cablecars, etc. will save you while in San Francisco.
  • Just because it’s California does not mean it’s always hot.
    • The city can be cold a lot of the time. I live in Berkeley which happens to be a bit more inland, but the closer you get to the city, the colder it gets. It might be sunny and 75 in Berkeley before I leave, but when I arrive it could be overcast and 65. So, always bring a jacket because you never know!
  • People are willing to help you, but only if you put in the effort.
    • I was expecting people in San Francisco to be busy, fast paced, and maybe a little snobby. To my surprise, people here busy and face paced but not snobby! Whether it is a question about directions, work, or what to order at a restaurant, people are very willing to help, but like I said, only if you are willing to ask for help. I’ve found myself lost in the Financial District, or at the wrong BART station feeling pretty down until I walked over and asked for some help. Everyone I have interacted with has been so nice and so willing to help me with my personal, work, and travel pursuits.

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