Blog Post #2

Describe your favorite experience as an intern this summer.


Though there are been numerous moments throughout my internship that I have found to be so rewarding and meaningful, one stands out to me specifically. Sparkling Ice, a beverage company works towards making their marketing strategies as unique and customer specific as possible. Throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area you will find creative advertisements, “pop-up” stands, promotors, and free drinks. As an internship task, I was asked to come up with different ways to market our product in a style we have never done before. I looked at our distributors, sales, and target demographics to find a strategy that we have never done before. After doing my personal research, I discovered that we sample sell product to a similar demographic. Therefore I proposed to spend a week going to different homeless shelters giving each individual a drink.

My boss loved the idea and put me at the head of the task. I contacted multiple homeless shelters throughout the Bay Area and set up times my co-interns and I could make a trip to their shelter and give everyone a free drink. This was the most rewarding experience because although I knew that many of these individuals would not go out and buy our product, it was so fulfilling to see a smile on their face. People didn’t understand why we were just giving out free drinks, they thanked us over and over again, and had the biggest smiles on their faces.


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