My First Meeting with Senior Leadership

Tommy Hilfiger is a massive brand, with thousands of employees across the world. Here in the New York office, we handle North, Central and South America. That being said, the Senior Leadership team is in charge of a whole lot. They’re extremely busy.

However, my project team and I got a unique opportunity this past Monday to go to their ‘Monday morning meeting’ and present the key ideas in our project, Improving Tommy Hilfiger on Amazon. Needless to say presenting in front of a CEO and his team was definitely nerve racking.

We arrived early to gather our thoughts, passed a one pager out to every seat at the table and waited for them to arrive. We weren’t giving a formal presentation, but we were unsure up until that point if we were working in the right direction for our project. We were looking for constructive criticism–but hopefully nothing too harsh.

Everyone began to arrive around 9:30AM, first grabbing coffee and something from the delicious spread of food and then they began to take their seats. The CEO then arrived and we got started.

He began by addressing the incredible opportunity we had, and expressing his excitement to hear our ideas. After all, we are part of the Millennial target demographic that the Tommy Hilfiger brand is so desperately trying to reach. He then turned the floor over to us.

The seven of us went down the line, presenting some of our main ideas and going back and forth with questions around the table. I sat quietly until it was my turn. I went last.

I presented my ideas and tried not to choke up. To my pleasant surprise I got an incredibly warm reception and immediate intrigue from the Senior leadership team sitting at the table. I felt a comfort run through me, easing the nerves I may have had going into the meeting. They were genuinely interested in what my teammates and I had to propose, which could not have been more rewarding.

For a bunch of high up, experienced people to care what a bunch of interns had to say. And better than that, ask to hear more and work with us going forward, was unlike any professional experience I have ever had. I’m looking forward to continuing this dialogue with them.


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