DP Day | Blog #3

Growing up, I had always found the word advertising to be synonymous with sales. While I appreciate the hard work salespeople put forth, I immediately dismissed a career in advertising. That changed Tuesday when I attend Duffey Petrosky’s Intern Day.

Duffey Petrosky is an established advertising and marketing communications agency located in Farmington Hills. Their clients range in industries from health insurance to automotive and many more. The backgrounds of their talent are both diverse and intriguing. I had the opportunity to talk to people who were former strategists for Ford, Michigan graduates,  and even world traveling photographers. Regardless of their career backgrounds, they all shared a common passion for the people business of advertising.

Upon arrival, all fifteen interns in attendance were directed towards a large conference room. Each seat had a generous gift bag, pen, itinerary, and stationary at it. At the front of the room was delicious breakfast treats. From my seat, I scanned the room and what I could see of the first floor office. Duffey has an open layout with dim lighting (my mentor mentioned prior that they sometimes don’t turn on the lights) and a modern look, think Google but smaller. I only had the opportunity to take one picture due to the busy schedule.



snapshot of the meeting room

At Duffey we had the opportunity to meet several staff members who were leaders within their department. Three of the employees and the President, Jeff Scott, were Michigan alumni which was exciting. From 9 am to 1 pm we were taken throughout the office and into different rooms to learn about marketing strategies and job functions. Some were kind enough to show us reels of campaigns they had previously done, explaining the process of the production. We concluded the day with lunch and networking amongst each other.

The best part of the experience was the conversations I had with the employees because my internship had given me background knowledge on their topics of discussion. At the end of the day, my perspective on both the advertisement business and ads in general had changed. I no longer passively look at ads and campaigns, but study them like a puzzle trying to find the strategy behind them. And most importantly, I no longer limit the careers of those in advertising to the general term of salespeople because what they do is more diverse than that.


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