City of Detroit | #1

For my internship, I am lucky to work and intern in the city of Detroit. I feel that I am lucky because I am also a resident of Detroit, so I am able to have this experience in my home city. Having lived here, I figured that I would not be surprised throughout my time interning, but I was wrong.

My internship is with a consulting company in the automotive industry. Being from Detroit, I was obviously aware of the importance of vehicles to this city, as we have a well-known history with the big three automotive companies, Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors. And having not been majorly interested in cars before, I never thought of the work and impact these companies have on this city. I now realize, through my time interning, how vital this industry is for the city and its people. If the big three didn’t exist, neither would the company I work with. Actually being a part of the process and learning and performing the work definitely changes my perspective of the auto industry and the city of Detroit.

I better understand the pride that comes with working in this industry, especially during the annual auto show, when all of the employees can see the fruit of their labor in the cars on display. I think it is safe to say that I will return to the city and hopefully continue to learn more about it.


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