Change of plans? | #3

Do you think your internship has caused you to change your plans for the future?

Growing up, I always wanted to be a lawyer. Specifically, a corporate one. While I went through school I began to set a ton of goals for myself to achieve throughout my lifetime, and in the end it always seemed like becoming a lawyer would be the first step. Humanitarian and non-profit organizations have always enticed me, but I had initially never really planned to jump into the pot with a career in philanthropy after I graduate.

Now that I’ve been working for a non-profit this summer for my internship, many people have asked me if I would consider a career-path change. After meeting and working with all of the powerful and hard-working women at the Alzheimer’s Association Michigan Great Lakes Chapter, I have no doubt that a career in non-profit would be highly rewarding and I believe that I could do a lot with it. However, it doesn’t change my future plans because I’ve also seen how hard it can be to work for a non-profit, and the wrongfully (and ironically) negated importance from the outside world for finding a cure, even if it means saving lives.

Currently, I do still want to go into corporate law, but I can say definitively that this internship has contributed to a change in perspective. Plans are likely to change and you can never predict your greatest influences before they happen, but even if I don’t end up working for a non-profit after I graduate, I am determined to implement a philanthropic importance and atmosphere into the workplace of where ever I go.


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