Change of Plans | #2

My internship this summer has really taught me many lessons about what I would like to do with my degree upon graduation and where to launch my career. First, working on a campaign is not easy. I never thought it would be. There are many positive and negative aspects that accompany campaign work, but from my summer internship, I have gotten a good idea of those positive aspects I would like to incorporate into my career.

I hate to say it, but I do not foresee a career in campaigning. While I am extremely competitive and proud to be an advocate for such an amazing candidate, I don’t know if I would enjoy the lifestyle much past my mid-twenties. I love traveling and having the opportunity to meet new people every week, but it becomes physically and emotionally exhausting after a quarter. Not only that, but what am I to do until the next election cycle?

These concerns and thoughts have pushed me into the realm of public policy. Having the opportunity to work on a campaign and dabble in a bit of everything has assured me that I can make the impact I want and the life style to match it while participating in legislative advocacy. Volunteering has also given me more opportunity to be an advocate for causes I feel passionate about. Now I need to consider whether a Masters in Public Policy or a degree in law will better suit my interests. I am hoping with another internship and year here at the University of Michigan, I’ll be another step closer to figuring out my future!


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