The Workplace | #2

It’s been a couple weeks and I have began to settle in now, or at least I know everyone’s name. Coming in, I didn’t know much about the industry and I really didn’t know anyone here but thankfully everyone has been great about teaching me the process. Specifically though, an associate whose name I’d rather leave unspecified has been particularly great as a mentor.

While everyone is willing to take a minute here or there to explain quick things, this person has really gone out of his way to sit down with me and explain things from the ground up. It really helps because he didn’t graduate too long ago so he is much more similar to me than some of the older guys that seem too busy to have time for anyone. He is personable and very easy to go to and ask questions, whereas others seem to be burdened by my presence.

Overall though, my relationships with everyone is great and it truly is a great place to work. One program especially that I found very effective is one which the company hosts every other week, where anyone, even from other companies  (competitors even), come and watch videos done by Andy Stanley. There is some controversy as the videos do have religious undertones but attendance is on a completely voluntary basis. Being a christian myself, the videos teach values that not only help me become a better person, but how to positively affect others in the workplace.


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