Leadership Knowledge | #3

As I continue to gain sales experience, I also gain experience in the leader I strive to become. Thus far, my bosses have been overwhelmingly supportive and positive. Every day they will call to see how my day is going and if I am meeting the goals I set for myself. When I am meeting my goals my bosses applaud me, yet still push me to continue to work harder and set higher goals. However, if I am not on pace to meet my goals for the week, my bosses will help me understand where I am coming short and how to change my path to be sure missing my goals does not happen again.

Through my bosses, I have learned a lot about goal setting and executing my plan to achieve those goals. I am also gaining experience of being a leader. On a daily basis I have the opportunity to converse with my co-workers who are also salesmen to teach the methods that work best for me. One key characteristic that I have learned throughout teaching is it is very important to listen.

From my internship, my followership and leadership skills are becoming stronger and stronger. I thoroughly enjoy being hired by positive and enthusiastic leaders who constantly tell me they are proud of the work I am doing. By hearing their positive words, I have become more motivated and my drive for success has only increased.

The valuable lesson of leadership is something I cannot wait to bring to the classroom.


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