Decoding the Problem|Blog Post 3

As a rising junior studying the field of communications I have not yet had the opportunity to explore the world of coding. While finishing off my basic requirements to declare my major I have studied many things. These things include the media, how societal norms are influencing millennials, qualitative and quantitative research, among many other things. However, as you can see I did not list coding as one of my specialties.

While interning for Treps Nest one of my tasks was to rework their Brand Ambassador homepage. Brand Ambassadors work to integrate Treps Nest into their own communities. These people have a passion for helping others and entrepreneurship. Because these ambassadors will be working remotely it is very important that they have all of the necessary documents they need to succeed. It was my job to make sure these documents were there and organized in a helpful way, cue the coding discussion.

In order to declutter the page I had to code in “jump links”. For all of the coding geniuses reading this you may be thinking this is elementary work however, this was no easy task for me because the only knowledge I had of coding came from the Barbie decoder they used to give you in McDonalds Happy Meal. (See pic below for reference)

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.46.15 AM.png

Needless to say, that wasn’t very much.

Regardless of my lack of background knowledge, I was not going to let this coding problem stand in the way of completing my task and getting the job done. I began to do many Google searches of HTML and watch countless videos on how to insert a jump link into a webpage. After my research was complete and a few trial and errors I successfully completed the assignment.

Overcoming this obstacle left me feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment. After seeing how important coding can be, this situation has also inspired me to look further into pursuing classes in coding in my future.


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