Overcoming Biggest Obstacle @ TR | Blog #3

When I first started out as a Business & Technology Intern, I felt extremely overwhelmed. Even after three weeks of training, I still felt very anxious since I would have to actually interact with our clients. My biggest fear was that the clients would instantly recognize my inexperience and anxiousness. I was worried that I would not be able to convey enough confidence when speaking with someone triple my age about accounting that they have been doing for far longer than I have.
I overcame this obstacle by putting in hours and hours of practice with our accounting product. At the end of the day, these accountants were clients of Thomson Reuters for a reason; they put their trust in us. Even though our clients may know much more accounting than me, I definitely know more about our accounting and financial program than them, thanks to the training. This little change in mentality, on top of the training/practice, helped me boost my confidence in my abilities to work with our clients.


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