Internship’s future impact | Blog Post #5

How has your internship influenced your (near) future school, career, or personal plans?

My experience this summer has taught me a lot about the type of work I hope to do following graduation. I am still planning on pursuing graduate school, but it has changed the types of internships and workplaces I will seek out in the future (next coming summers and after grad school).

Research work is not something I see as a viable career option for myself following this summer. I certainly enjoyed my summer internship and was interested in the work, the casual office environment and opportunity to bond with my coworkers made it a comfortable and rewarding experience. However, I strangely found myself longing for a more stressful, high-pressure experience (what?? I felt a little crazy wishing for this!)

One of my favorite things I do at Michigan is write and edit for the Michigan Journal of International Affairs. Each semester, we have an Editing Weekend, where we spend the entire weekend in the fishbowl, editing and re-editing every article and compiling the entire journal for publishing. It is very high pressure, quick paced – but this type of stress is what makes it so rewarding! I didn’t feel that type of pressure or stress at my current internship, so even though I completed all the tasks and my supervisors were happy with my work, it still didn’t feel as rewarding. In the future, I’ll be seeking out internships where my competitive side gets as much attention as my academic/professional side!


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