A home run | #3

Last week was my third softball game with the organization where I’m working. Going into the summer, I was excited to join the softball team (among other aspects of my internship). But that was mostly because I like softball. My first game with the team, I felt like I was more competitive than my teammates. Everyone else was having a good time, laughing and joking around, while I couldn’t stop focusing on my next at-bat.

But then as the weeks went on and I played more games with the team, I realized where they were getting their spirits. This wasn’t just a softball team, but a social team. Employees from across the organization–and even a few friends–had decided to come together every week to hang out… and play softball. I had always heard how social the work sports leagues could be, but it was a unique feeling to realize I was part of that environment. This experience will no doubt serve as a lesson when I enter new professional and collegial environments in the future.

Through the team, I’ve met some great young colleagues. Some work in fields that interest me, and others just have outrageous personalities. I’m glad I joined the softball team. Yes, the sport is enjoyable, but the colleagues are even more so.


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