Merciless Activism | Blog #3


As election day approaches, my responsibilities on the campaign have grown exponentially. Recently, I have been tackling some new assignments for the legislative and communications departments and realized how much I actually enjoy the work. Voter contact is great and interesting (and even fun sometimes), but legislation and communication are powerful tools.

I have continued to meet so many fascinating people on the campaign, and as our team grows, the variety of backgrounds and personalities in contains does, too. There is something truly exhilarating about working toward a common, very urgent goal with a group of people whom you admire and enjoy.

Working on this campaign has also given me some perspective of what I want to do with the rest of my life. I know now more than ever (and I believe I’ve mentioned this in a previous post) that I want to study Public Policy. I have, at this point, honed in on the issues that matter most to me: education and poverty. What exactly I want to do is still unclear — even more so now that I’ve seen the range of roles my colleagues fill. I could see myself in all of their positions, fighting all of their noble activist fights.

If I have learned one key thing, it’s that it is okay not to have everything planned out. I came into college wanting to be a journalist, and now I’m neck-deep in a congressional campaign. Experience is experience. Enjoyable, enriching experience is worth the uncertainty.


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