Hello from New York City & Columbia University! – Post #1

Hey! I’m Raivynn, and this is my first post about my internship at Columbia University in New York City. For the past five weeks I have been working in their School of Professional Studies program for High School Students. The HSP, or High School Summer Program, is a three week long opportunity for high school students from across the world and county to come to Columbia, take college courses and explore New York City! My job is to be a Resident Advisor to these students, and as be an assistant to the program’s various needs. My program is called the Internship in Building Community, or IBC.

My first two weeks here were packed to the brim with information. During the day we learned about being a resource to students, about the program and the campus. We learned about fire safety, discipline and cultivating a relationship with high schoolers. We also got the opportunity to explore New York City. I went to the Brooklyn Bridge, saw the Statue of Liberty and on my visit to the Highline I learned how NYC also uses space to their advantage. As I explored the city I grew to love the immense diversity of this place – not only in people but also in places, buildings and neighborhoods. I also grew to adore the subway, and I still do. Even when its hot and packed.


The past three weeks I had my first session of kids, and so I got to experience being an RA for the first time. It was extremely busy and challenging, but also tons of fun. Today another group of students is starting and I’m so excited to do it all over again for the next three weeks!



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