What does Mean.io Mean? | #2

So starting my internship, I had to learn pretty much a complete set of coding tools. Mean.io was one of them. It includes Angular Js, Express, Node.js, and Mongo DB. Downloading the whole thing, took one or two hours by itself. Then came the part where I  actually had to read and understand the code. For a few seconds, actually minutes, my mind just blanked. I had no idea what I was looking at. I think my manager saw the look on my face, so he came over and reassured me that we only had to understand a few specific files and that with my skills, I should be able to understand and start coding within a week or so. I was not convinced, but I had to forge onward. I was struggling pretty hard for the first few days. I quite literally had no idea what the code meant. So as a normal person would do when they are confused, I reached out for help. And for that, I’m grateful to have co-workers that were willing to help a lost soul out. They helped me see the big picture of what the stack was about and how it connected to the Mongo database. I started to comprehend a little. I scoured the Internet for references and guides. Praise the Lord for Google and Youtube.

So minutes turned into hours and hours turned into days, and slowly I was understanding the lines in front of me. The more I researched, the more confused I became, but also the clearer I got. There was just so much information to comprehend. At some point however, I was able to decipher which part of the code in one file corresponded to which code in another file. After a week and half, I was finally able to start writing some code. It was a great feeling to see the obstacle that I was able to overcome.


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