Introduction #1

So I am a bit late to join the party, but I have a lot to share and am excited to read about everyone in the Summer vocation 2016 blog community! I guess I should start with a brief introduction. My name is Alex Butler and I am a rising senior in the college of Literature Science and the Arts. I am studying Communications with a minor in Entrepreneurship. This summer I am working as a virtual communications/marketing intern for Written on Purpose, an Atlanta based communications firm. I hope that with my blog posts, I am able to give a personal account of what it is like to intern virtually as well as the different nuances of a communications firm.

As an intern, I have been tasked with helping to scale the company looking to  work with a bigger, more diverse client base. In addition, I will be showcasing my web design skills to help complete a total re-haul of the company website. I will also be responsible for conducting marketing and communication trend reports and relevant research to be used for various client cases.

 Since this is a smaller firm, I am being given the opportunity to take on more responsibility and collaborate with upper management in an intimate setting.I am extremely excited for the opportunity as it is allowing me to make invaluable connections with various corporations. Thank you for reading and I am excited to share my experiences.



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