How my internship has influenced my future career/school plans..|Blog #3

Internship experience is one of the best ways to figure out what you do and don’t like about the field you are studying or hope to be a part of for your career. Through my internships I have learned many valuable lessons about the workplace, how large corporations run, how to take on large projects, and what it’s really like to work as a software developer. Taking these lessons into account, I am able to shape a more specific picture of what I think (for now) I would ideally like to end up doing.


The past two summers of software development have proven to be the typical sitting behind a computer at a cubicle all day. I have known from the beginning that the cubicle environment was one I was headed towards. However, I also knew that I would be doing something I love and being able to solve puzzles and make personal progress while doing so. My reflections about sitting at my computer all day have enabled me to imagine a career that I would be able to still solve problems while having more human interaction and communication. That being said, I hope to one-day hold a career of some sort of technical consulting. I would like to be the one communicating with both the customer and developer of a software company to come up with solutions and plans of action to reach a clients software needs. This career path fulfills both my passion for software solutions and customer needs and interaction. Without having internship experience being the backend developer, it may have taken me longer to realize these goals.


As for my future school plans, my internship has allowed me to see that I may have enough of the skillset to begin my career right after my undergraduate degree. I like the fact that there is always an opportunity to go back to school; and if I were to do so, it would be in the next couple years while I am still starting out. However, I hope to start out and see if it is even necessary, as I would also like to learn more while working through my career path. Another option would include entering a program where a company sponsors my further education.

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