Booking in Beantown, Part 2

Greetings again from Boston.  I have neglected to post recently because I have been very busy working and exploring, but I am going to try to post more regularly in the coming month.

I’ve begun to find a rhythm in my work at the agency (with help from my daily coffee), and have formed a couple good friendships with some of my coworkers that has made communication easier and has allowed me to learn more about the business from each of them.  I am still in awe occasionally at the fact that we are booking for such prominent artists, but the glamour is starting to wear away as I often sit in excel and consolidate tour information or create contact lists for our targeted marketing strategies.  In addition to those more monotonous tasks, I now publish almost all of our agency news updates that appear on our website, which often include any recent interviews, releases, or signings.  I’m slowly learning more about each artist and our history with them.

Recently, I was able to take part in a Skype video conference with one of our artists to help determine the best flight arrangements for the tail-end of his tour in the U.S. this summer.  To connect with a listed blog topic, I’d like to mention something that has somewhat surprised me in my time at the agency.  It can be difficult sometimes to maintain a real, personal connection with your customers.  During certain interactions such as that Skype call though, I have realized that we aren’t just trying to book dates and manage logistics, we are also constantly trying to do the right thing for our artists and make sure our every decision is in their best interests, both for promoting them as artists as well has supporting their future personal goals and happiness.

Until next time,



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