A Walk In My Shoes 

Week 2 of my internship is complete! I am thoroughly enjoying my time in New Delhi. The people are great, the food is delicious, and my experiences are like no other!
The following photos highlight my two weeks so far and capture a day in my shoes as an intern.

 My mornings usually begin traveling to the metro station in an auto rickshaw. There are plenty in the streets of India and make for an easier commute. Myself and other interns usually travel together and split the fare. When I first rode in an auto rickshaw, I was terrified. Motorists in Delhi completely ignore proper traffic rules and this makes for the most chaotic commute I’ve ever seen. However, I’ve gotten accustomed to riding them, weaving in and out of traffic. I’ve also gotten use to haggling with the drivers to give myself and others a fair price. 

Qutab Minar Metro Station in New Delhi, India

My internship, Cancer Care focuses on cancer awareness and prevention throughout India. Interns of Cancer Care collaborated with students of the RR School of Nursing in a cancer walk.

Gurgaon, Harayana, India

Of course my day is not complete without eating traditional Indian cuisine. The food in India is full of spices and flavor. This is one of my favorite meals, butter chicken with rice and butter naan. I’ve also been introduced to some of the tasty sweets India has to offer. Gulab Jamun, malpua, and jalebi are some of my favorites!



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