Retreat Realization

This past week Thursday-Friday my internship cohort with D-SIP (the Development Summer Internship Program) at UM had the chance to go up north to Petoskey, Michigan for a retreat. Something that I gained over the seemingly short two days that we had together, is the importance of taking the time to get to know co-workers and fellow students outside of the classroom or office. There is something magical about seeing those you normally see within the 8-5 hour timeframe outside of the space that you usually interact in. We were able to ask each other questions ranging from our favorite book or place we’d love to live for a year after graduation in the 4 hour car ride up, to learning about struggles that some of us were experiencing this summer.

Going forward, while professional development and work retreats will be far and few between, I will make an extended effort to get to know those I work and study with outside of the confining walls of the cubicle or class. Relationships are fueled in new places and relationships at work are essential.


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