Thoughts for the future | #5

Countless little kids imagine being President of the United States of America. I was one of them. But after a summer of working at the House of Representatives, I can assuredly say that I no longer have that ambition. That does not mean that I did not enjoy my internship; I did. Yet after ten weeks of briefings, research, legislation, and, of course, politics, I simply cannot see myself working here for a long-term career.

These ten weeks have been filled with once in a lifetime experiences. I can now say that I have walked the house floor during a vote with Representatives from across the country. I have had a conversation with Speaker Paul Ryan about the upcoming election and its implications. I have attended briefings on topics ranging from upcoming legislation on the Veteran Affairs policies to an oversight hearing on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal with the head of the FBI. I never for once took these opportunities for granted because how many other people can say they spent a summer making history with the leaders of the free world? But even in light of all of these incredible opportunities, I simply cannot see myself returning after college.

I always imagined myself working at the intersection of politics, business, and law—fitting as I am working towards a dual degree in business and political science. But now, I see politics as more of a hobby as I lean towards a job at a startup venture or more business oriented occupation.

I will never regret using one of my summers to intern on the Hill. After all, not only did I learn an incredible amount about our government and policies, but I can also safely rule out any political careers from my list of options. Part of interning during college is finding what you do not like so you can avoid it during a career, and I surely can do that now.

I am saddened that my ten week internship with Congress is ending today, but I know that the unforgettable experiences I had here will shape my future career. I networked, acquired countless office skills, and even learned about myself. Overall, it was a well-used summer and hopefully the start of several more unparalleled internships.


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