Out for Edits! #2

This week was both hectic and exciting. After assisting with completion of the results and discussion section of our paper, I went back into the supporting (and opposing) literature to double check all of our references. The progression from speculative ideas to peer reviewed paper seems like an instant leap when in reality it has been long overdue! Although the prospect of undergraduate authorship is gratifying, the future implications on sleep research in accordance with mental health–which are close now–seem truly surreal. Hopefully the methods utilized in our own project can be translated into even more beneficial outlets, perhaps in the realm of diagnostics. For example, ailments such as dementia, schizophrenia, and even PTSD result in noticeable differences in EEG sleep microarchitecture  compared to “healthy” or “normal” individuals. Treatments in this regard are elementary compared to the scope of capability of the global scientific community, however, our research can help perfect dosage of medication and possibly even identify the onset of such ailments before they reach fruition so as to improve the quality of life of these individuals. I look forward to suggestions from reviewers of our paper and am eager to see our work shared!

More to come soon!


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