LIVE From Orchestra Hall! | #3

As the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s fiscal year comes to a close, things in the Advancement department begin to simmer down. Even though operations are slow, each day at the DSO is full of excitement. Today was such a great day at Orchestra HallIMG_3579.JPG, I had to tell. This Wednesday started off with a wonderful open rehearsal. The Symphony is in preparation for their annual Neighborhood Concert Series (NCS). The NCS was created in order for the DSO to travel outside of Midtown Detroit and into neighboring communities where there is a lack of access to Orchestra Hall, especially for the elderly and underprivileged.  Venues include churches, schools, and community centers. Listen to the DSO hard at work rehearsing Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty in the video below!Okay, so WordPress won’t allow me to upload this awesome video, but here’s a really cool picture of the rehearsal I took! After listening to the rehearsal I had the pleasure of having lunch with fellow staff members and musiciansIMG_3563. Every few weeks the organization engages in what they call a “one DSO Family, Luncheon”. The idea for one DSO was created after the musicians of Detroit Symphony went on strike in 2010 due to proposed pay cuts. Once the issue was resolved, the organization decided to having bi-weekly lunches in order for administration and musicians to bond with one another. The luncheons are held in DSO’s own Paradise Lounge and filled with great food, great conversation and great people.

There are many things that I love about the DSO, including their innovation and creativity. The DSO is constantly creating new ideas that have an impact on individuals for the better such as the Neighborhood Concert Series and the oneDSO campaign.I am just so happy to see the process at work. I am forever grateful for this wonderful experience and will never forget the time I have spent here.





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